Shape of your life

If it’s the stage that is your goal I will not beat about the bush here, I can make it happen from start to finish.

This Programme includes workout plans, diets, posing, the works - whatever it takes tailored to you.

Shape of your life

Fitness Business Mentorship

The mentorship program I offer can be completely confidential and can be week to week month to month, whatever suits your needs.

Full contact is on hand, phone, emails, and visits. You have to love what you do in this life. Let me help you with your passion.

Fitness Business Mentorship

Fitness Weekends

I have run fitness weekends for nigh on 20 years.

They are a fantastic get away that motivate and teaches the client/clients everything they need to know of how to train and eat for the results of their life.

Fitness Weekends


Our Triple Fusion Protein is a blend of the highest order, giving you a multirelease effect. It gives you a higher level of amino acids in the blood stream for longer, giving you a more satisfied feeling with no blood sugar drops.

Ian Ducket Personal Trainer



Married to Louise,
2 Children,
Age 47,
D.O.B: 24/10/65,
Weight: 160lbs,
Height: 5'3 

Ian has been at the forefront of the Personal Training and Fitness Industry for more than 25 years. 

His innovative style and deep passion for his life’s work has seen client after client reach their goals, whether it be losing a few pounds for an event or aiming for competition success. 

British and World Champion Figure and Physique fill each day, along with clients who train to be the very best they can be.

Ian’s clients span the length and breadth of the country, as well as internationally, many of whom drive hours each week or are coached online in the effort to achieve their goal. 

Each client feeds on Ian’s passion and knowledge which spans 32 years in the game – a well of information is available as the client and Ian work as one. 

No stranger to competition himself, Ian has won British, European, World, and Pro-Am titles. Known for always being in shape, at 47 he leads by example.

Many also seek Ian’s advice on the business aspect of personal training and the running of a gym or studio.  Ian has helped to build many studios from start to finish, and also brought many a struggling business venture back up to speed. 

“Love what you do and live your life your way”

“Be the best you can be”

These are Ian’s motto’s.

With the help of Ian Duckett you too can also live by those two lines.  


Tools Of The Trade

It was the middle of the late 1990s when I came to my senses and totally changed the way I trained. A new armoury of exercises entered my routine - movements I had to master, equipment I had to become a craftsman in, in order to gain the utmost benefit. I've never looked back.

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The 3 Program

I have been living the Programme for more years than I could say.  It’s not just a way of training and eating that is unbelievably productive, it’s a way of life.

This is a total Programme that is simple to incorporate into your life and will become your life with very little fuss.  The workout Programme can be done at home with minimum kit or at your gym. 

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