Old But Strong

A No-Nonsense Approach To Lifelong Training For Ageing Weight Warriors

Old But Strong

The long awaited, first real printed book I've released since 1997's best seller, True Grit. I have put my heart and soul into this book. It contains 174 pages of pure inspiration and no-nonsense information. I am truly proud of this book, having been an avid reader for many years, my goal was to make this book a book I would want to read over and over again.

Available to buy now for £19.99 including first class postage to UK addresses.

A percentage of the sale from each and every book will be donated to the Wakefield Hospice.

Ian Ducket Personal Trainer



Father of two,
Age 49,
D.O.B: 24/10/65,
Weight: 160lbs,
Height: 5'3" 

As a natural for life athlete I have over the years won such titles as the -British, European, World, and Pro-Am- in natural bodybuilding competitions. I am also an accomplished powerlifter with competition success.

So you can rest assured I am not a keyboard wanabe. I have been in the trenches so to speak and i still kill the iron everyday. In the twilight years of my business now, having worked in this industry -self employed I may add for 30 years.

My goal with my site is to spread the word on 'good old fashioned hard work' and 'good clean food'. There is far too much 'crap' out there - the basics are being lost. I will do my best to help you but you have to step up to your side of the line and do the hard work.

Enjoy this site, the articles and blogs.

i made it for you Ian x



Jun 14th


I still get excited about training even after all these years I love the challenge of Putting myself against the iron in order for me to achieve a goal. When you cut all the excess away - all the fluff that really doesn't matter, it comes down to you and the iron. How hard are you willing to work?

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Think As You Do

Even after all these years of training I still run an internal dialogue through my mind on every set I do. Let me give you an example. We were training on the hammer chest press the other day. I instructed my partners what to look for in their technique. And also what to look for as I was doing them. The things I was pulling them up on and why. Here are the points that I was running through my mind as I did each rep.

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