Ian Ducket Personal Trainer



Father of two,
Age 49,
D.O.B: 24/10/65,
Weight: 160lbs,
Height: 5'3" 

As a natural for life athlete I have over the years won such titles as the -British, European, World, and Pro-Am- in natural bodybuilding competitions. I am also an accomplished powerlifter with competition success.

So you can rest assured I am not a keyboard wanabe. I have been in the trenches so to speak and i still kill the iron everyday. In the twilight years of my business now, having worked in this industry -self employed I may add for 30 years.

My goal with my site is to spread the word on 'good old fashioned hard work' and 'good clean food'. There is far too much 'crap' out there - the basics are being lost. I will do my best to help you but you have to step up to your side of the line and do the hard work.

Enjoy this site, the articles and blogs.

i made it for you Ian x


Squats And Dead Lifts

Welcome to my new site. As you can see it is now just an information site. My goal is to just give you old school 'real' training-nutrition and lifestyle info. I have lots of articles in the works. As soon as I put them up I will post in all my media. So if you haven't already add yourself to one or all of my media links. See at the top of the page. Now let's get to the last couple of training sessions.

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Bill Pearl

I wrote this back in 99 for my magazine at that time Natural Press. In September of that year I was prepping for the Europe competition-and was just about to train. The phone rang---it was Bill Pearl. Never forgot it— I had an awesome workout that day. Here is the story of one of my main inspirations in life and training.

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